"Go therefore and make disciples of all Nations"

Matthew 28:19

New Hope has always partnered with others in the work of the Gospel (Philippians 1:5). We work with missionaries both locally and globally. We embrace opportunities to support ministries and missionaries who glorify God and lead people to Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20). We generously give of our time, talents, and resources to help fulfill the mission that God has for New Hope (2 Corinthians 9:6-8).

Supported Missionaries

Reach out to the Church Office if you would like contact information for any of our supported missions. Most of them send out newsletters on a regular basis, so we would love to get you connected!


Lebanon, IN
AgriStewards' mission is to to provide farming instruction to third world communities while spreading the Gospel of Christ. Through mission trips and utilizing Farming God's Way principals, they equip the poor to break the yoke of poverty, improve their livelihoods, and also come to know Jesus Christ.

Hanging Rock Christian Camp

West Lebanon, IN
Since 1941, Hanging Rock has been providing opportunities for churches, individuals, families, and communities to establish and strengthen their relationship with Christ. They offer summer camp experiences, retreats, and more.

David and Sandy Hatfield

Polish Christian Ministries
David and Sandy have been serving in Poland since 2012. They are planting churches, providing resources, and building friendships in order to assist Polish Christians in becoming healthy, growing, self-supporting, and reproducing congregations. They are currently supporting 26 churches and 5 mission stations in Poland.

Earl and Ruth Anne Haubner

Central Brazil Mission - Goiânia, Brazil
For over 50 years, Earl & Ruth Anne have been serving in Brazil. They have a successful church planting and leadership training program where more than 50 churches have been started as a result of their ministry. They also seek to meet the medical needs of the indigenous people and raise up churches through their Amazon Boat Ministry.

International Disaster Emergency Services

Noblesville, IN
IDES exists to meet physical and spiritual needs of suffering people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Their primary tools of evangelism are disaster relief, medical care, community development, and hunger relief.

Johnson University

Tennessee, Florida, and online
Johnson University has been educating students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations since 1893. They offer degrees in Bible and Theology, Church Leadership, Preaching, Youth Ministry, Children's Ministry, Sports Ministry, Family Counseling, Teaching, and more.

David Jones

God's Hand Extended - Costa Rica & Panama
David Jones has been serving in Costa Rice since 1995 and more recently has been working across the border in Panama as well. He is translating the Gospels into the indigenous language and is meeting the needs of the Indigenous people of Costa Rica by waterway.

Dionna Linn

Team Expansion - Granada, Spain
Dionna Linn has been serving in Spain since 2018. She and her team seek to partner with the global church, through extraordinary prayer, to mobilize, train, and coach qualified workers in the implementation of the fruitful practices of church planting movements.

Love INC

Lebanon, IN
Love, INC has been working in Boone County since 2008. They seek to create relational bridges with churches to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of people across Boone County. Food, gas, clothing, housing, coats, education, and more are provided for those in need.

John and Ruth Navis

Christ for Sao Luis - Brazil
John and Ruth have been serving in Sao Luis, Brazil, since 1990 by ministering to the local Church through evangelism, discipleship, and teaching.

Brad and Christy Nelson

Indy Internationals - Indianapolis, IN
Indy Internationals exists to serve internationals students, refugees, and immigrants in the Indianapolis area. Brad and Christy have been serving in this role since 2003. They are always looking for families to host international students during the school year and especially during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Joy and Hector Rodriguez

Impacto Latino - Queretaro, Mexico
Joy and Hector have been serving in Mexico since 2011. Joy is the Director of Field Operations and Communications while Hector is the Director of Recruiting and Promotion in Mexico. Together, they are the missionary family serving at Iglesia Cristiana La Viña, IMPACTOnetwork's first church plant in the city of Querétaro.

Glen and Sherrie Russell

David, Panama
Glenn and Sherrie have been serving in the country of Panama since 1997 and are a “Living Link” of the New Hope staff. This means that New Hope is their only supporting church.  Their focus while serving in Panama has been church planting and outreach.

Ozark Christian College

Joplin, MO
Ozark Christian College is a private evangelical Christian college and is affiliated with the Restoration Movement of Christian Churches. The mission of Ozark Christian College is to train men and women for Christian service as a degree-granting institution of biblical higher education.

South India Church of Christ Mission

Since 1982, South India Church of Christ Mission has planted over 1,000 churches and now is training the leadership for churches through Southern Asia Christian College. They also hold a Christmas Program each winter, which is the biggest evangelistic outreach of the year. Due to recent governmental changes, they are facing increasing persecution.

Cody and Sylvia - Team Expansion

Middle East
Serving since 2017, they are praying for a Church Planting Movement to happen among the locals that will not only expand into the greater country, but the Middle East as a whole.

Wing Wong

Chinese To Christ Ministries (C2C) - Hookset, NH
C2C Ministries was started by Wing Wong in 1974. They seek to reach the Chinese people through radio, Bible college and training centers, church planting, social media, and more.

Alexander Christian Foundation

Greenfield, IN
Since 1964, the Alexander Christian Foundation has been providing scholarships to Indiana students pursuing full-time vocations in Christian ministry.