How is my giving being Spent?

We continually remind ourselves that every dollar given is not only an offering to the Lord, but a sacrifice. We steward every gift, no matter how big or small, with integrity and transparency. Just like a family, we have sat down and made a budget to ensure we're planning financially to pay our bills, meet our needs, and to accomplish the work God has called us to do. Based on our annual budget, for every dollar given, $0.21 is given away to supporting Local & Global Missions, $0.12 is set aside for maintaining our building and grounds, $0.56 is budgeted for Pastoral Staff and Administration, and $0.11 funds our Ministry Programs & Events.

I'm not able to give, is that ok?

Of course! Too often people feel guilty or ashamed if they're in a season that they are unable to give financially. God's love for you never changes. You are loved and accepted by God and our church whether you're able to give or not. There are so many other ways you can support the ministry of our church. You can pray! You can give your time by serving on Sundays or throughout the week! God has equipped every believer with gifts and talents and resources to give back! But if finances are causing stress in your life, we would love to sit down with you and help you experience financial freedom!

How much should I give?

Often in church you'll hear the word, Tithe. This is a Bible word that simply means Tenth.  Throughout the Old Testament, God told Israel to give a tenth of their grain, produce, livestock, etc. to support the temple as an act of worship. The Tithe was not only to say thank you for God's provision, but it was also an act of faith that He would continue to provide. In the New Testament, Jesus re-defines tithing and calls His followers to live generously in every area of life! While giving a tithe of your income can be a great place to start, you should give whatever God places on your heart to support your church, to love your neighbor, and to invest in His kingdom work around the world. How could that lifestyle of generosity and sacrifice not leave us cheerful?

How do Online fees affect my giving?

When New Hope receives a tithe or gift via a credit card or online ACH/echeck, we are charged a fee for each one of those transactions. The cost for each credit card transaction is 2.6% of the amount of the gift plus an extra $0.35. If you choose to give online using an ACH/echeck, we are charged 0.8% of the total plus an extra $0.35 transaction fee. As you can see, the impact of your gift will be lessened by the amount of these fees. Also, the larger the gift, the higher the fee.

There is no fee if you send a scheduled payment through your bank account directly to New Hope. You have the opportunity to help cover the cost of processing fees when you give online using ACH/echeck or credit card. This is 100% optional. All you need to do is check the box at the bottom of the online giving form to indicate your willingness to cover the fees. Any fees you agree to cover will be added to your giving total at the end of the year. We appreciate your partnership in this to ensure your tithes and offerings go as far as possible to impact our mission.

Can I Designate my giving?

No, our giving operates on "One Fund". This means we take a portion of every dollar given and designate it to meet the ministry needs and objectives of the current budget year as approved by the Elders and the congregation. As you give an offering, you are not able to designate which specific ministry or budget item you want your offering to go towards.

Who has access to my financial giving?

For administration and annual tax purposes, the only people who have access to your specific financial giving information is our Financial Administrator and 2 others for accountability purposes. For online giving, we use Subsplash. To ensure your information is secure, they use Stripe to ensure no one has access to your credit card or bank account numbers.

How are you helping the community?

The Generosity Buckets - Every week we have the Generosity Buckets out under the Offering Boxes in the auditorium. Each dollar and every penny given in those Buckets goes to meet needs in our community "no strings attached" as we like to say. We never will spend that money on ourselves or the needs of people in our church. Several times a year we also use the Buckets to collect for a cause. Past examples include a collection we took up for  refugees in Ukraine, a church in Florida serving their community after a hurricane, giving to a local food bank to provide Thanksgiving Dinners. We encourage you to occasionally drop your spare change and cash in the buckets. It may feel small, but each little bit adds up to a great act of generosity towards someone in need.

Benevolence - As a church, we have a mandate to take care of the members of our church and the community. We budget knowing people will turn to us when they have financial needs such as help with gas, groceries, car maintenance, and more. While many of these details will not be shared to protect the privacy of those in need, know that we are consistently meeting the financial needs of individuals and families in our church and in Boone County.

Local Missions - We financially support several local missions who serve and meet the needs of our community in Whitestown, Boone County, and Indianapolis. You can find more information about those under Our Missions.

If you have further questions about the finances at New Hope or your giving, please call the church office or send an email
to Cheryl, our Financial Administrator at cheryl@newhopecc.net.