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Traveling Light

I guess you could say I’m starting to get a few miles on me…A routine business traveler, father of 4, and husband for more than 30 years. Yes, the miles start to add up.

But more importantly, what about the distance? Have the miles traveled and the time on the road taken an unwanted, even unnoticed toll?

I am reminded of the short text found in Matthew 26: “But Peter was following him at a distance”. For some reason those words have stayed with me over the years, over the miles. Somehow knowing that as I say goodbye to my wife and children I need to stay all the more close to my Lord. Life teaches us that doesn’t it? Aren’t we learning that often the distance between us and God is too far, the time apart too long?

So for me, time on the road is about closing the distance. Even though I am in a different setting and on a different schedule, my focus remains the same – staying true to the identity I find in Jesus. I want to be His, whether near or far, and I want the words “…this man was with Jesus” to be true of me. Carrying my Bible with me, praying on my knees when I first enter my hotel room, waking in the morning with the expectation of spending time with God as I start the day – my simple acts of devotion to a God I want to stay close to.

Take care, and safe travels.

-Mike King