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The College Perspective

Throughout my college experience, I have often felt closest to God at times when many others would feel distracted. I thrive off of midday phone calls while walking through campus, quick catch-ups at work, Saturday evening car rides and conversation, and late nights spent tired and talking in run-down diners. When God places something on my heart I struggle to immediately begin processing it on my own, and turn instead, to those around me. I send a text, make a phone call, or take notes in preparation for a future conversation with someone, or multiple people, who I know will help point me in the right direction. In fact, in every step I’ve taken in my college career, I can pinpoint a person or group of people who have helped as I navigated through homesickness, changing majors, upsets, victories, finding a church at college, internships, and considering what God has planned for my future. They’ve held me accountable to my actions, opened their homes to me, prayed for and with me, and spoken wisdom into my life time and time again, especially in the moments I didn’t want to hear it.

My faith, since coming to college, has relied heavily on these people who come from many backgrounds and have lived in various parts of the world. These believers, skeptics, and harsh critics of my faith have all had a hand in helping me learn more about what it means for me to not only know what it is that I believe, but also what that belief means for my life. I’ve been continually encouraged by those who see the joy and purpose in my plans, regardless of the work they are pursuing or the beliefs that they, personally, hold. For me, so much of living out my faith since coming to college has been about doing whatever it takes to be intentional about the relationships that God has placed in front of me, and being willing to encounter those around me. My future career in social work is no exception to that. From the outside, it’s not a particularly glamorous field. It’s often characterized by long hours, hard choices, and pain. However, it is one which, in many ways, directly reflects the love demonstrated to me by Jesus, and gives me the opportunity to continually encounter those around me as intentionally as possible.

Alexis Jones
Ball State University – School of Social Work

Traveling Light

I guess you could say I’m starting to get a few miles on me…A routine business traveler, father of 4, and husband for more than 30 years. Yes, the miles start to add up.

But more importantly, what about the distance? Have the miles traveled and the time on the road taken an unwanted, even unnoticed toll?

I am reminded of the short text found in Matthew 26: “But Peter was following him at a distance”. For some reason those words have stayed with me over the years, over the miles. Somehow knowing that as I say goodbye to my wife and children I need to stay all the more close to my Lord. Life teaches us that doesn’t it? Aren’t we learning that often the distance between us and God is too far, the time apart too long?

So for me, time on the road is about closing the distance. Even though I am in a different setting and on a different schedule, my focus remains the same – staying true to the identity I find in Jesus. I want to be His, whether near or far, and I want the words “…this man was with Jesus” to be true of me. Carrying my Bible with me, praying on my knees when I first enter my hotel room, waking in the morning with the expectation of spending time with God as I start the day – my simple acts of devotion to a God I want to stay close to.

Take care, and safe travels.

-Mike King