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Dare to Draw Near

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Jun 06, 2021 | Rob Jankowski

Wrestling with God

Genesis 32:22-32 - There are places that we will remember all of our lives. We remember these places not only because of the physical location but because of the transformation that took place there. Looking at the life of Jacob we learn there are places we will go where we be transformed by God forever.

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Throughout history there is a question that people have wrestled with as they have sought after purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction. That question is; how can we, with all of our sin and brokenness, stand in the presence of a Holy God? After all, if true purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction come from God, how do we draw near to Him when we struggle with our own brokenness and sin? The Bible is full of stories of those who dared to draw near and were met by a God who desires to be with His people.