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The Spirit of Christmas

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Dec 05, 2021 | Rob Jankowski

The Pace of Christmas

Mark 5 - We've all felt rushed. Like we are struggling to keep up with the pace of everything in our lives. As apprentices of Jesus when we feel pressure and need to make changes in our lives the first thing we do is look at the life of Jesus. After all, to be an apprentice of Jesus means that we aim to do what Jesus would do if He were us. And Jesus consistently retreated to spend time with God by himself. He moved at a different pace from the surrounding culture. And this counter cultural pace helped his soul stay healthy. The same pace, though difficult, is available to us.

Series Information

Galatians 5 instructs us to "walk in step with the Spirit." This is becoming increasingly difficult in the culture we are surrounded by. This Christmas we are looking at what God wants to teach us and where He wants to lead us through the Spirit.