Current Series


The Mystery of Christ (Ephesians)

A Study through the book of Ephesians. The Mystery of Christ is the plan that God had kept hidden for ages. It was his plan to restore the world that sin had broken. That plan was revealed in Jesus and is available to all who follow Him. The book of Ephesians will help us understand the depth of that mystery and how to live it out in our everyday lives. 

The Spirit of Christmas

Galatians 5 instructs us to "walk in step with the Spirit." This is becoming increasingly difficult in the culture we are surrounded by. This Christmas we are looking at what God wants to teach us and where He wants to lead us through the Spirit.

Dare to Draw Near

Throughout history there is a question that people have wrestled with as they have sought after purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction. That question is; how can we, with all of our sin and brokenness, stand in the presence of a Holy God? After all, if true purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction come from God, how do we draw near to Him when we struggle with our own brokenness and sin? The Bible is full of stories of those who dared to draw near and were met by a God who desires to be with His people.