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What We Believe - About Salvation

This past Sunday, Rob talked about how we are saved "by grace, through faith, in baptism, for good works." But what exactly does it all mean? Here are a few resources that Rob has recommended to discover more.

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In this revised edition of His Truth, Dr. Jack Cottrell investigates truth and reality as revealed in the Bible. His Truth deals with controversial subjects like grace, assurance, God's call, predestination and other doctrines that many people view as hard to understand.
In this 13-chapter book, Tim Alsup offers Bible students a thorough explanation of what the Bible says - from what baptism is all about to why some people object to it as necessary for salvation. Baptism 101 provides the facts and explains concepts believers need so that they can understand Christian baptism and share this truth with a spirit of love.
A rich resource for renewing the practice of the sacraments in a way that encourages faithful discipleship in a hostile cultural environment. This book explores the meaning and practice of baptism and the Lord's supper through the lens of the biblical story's movement from creation to new creation.
From horror flicks to rom-coms, the tales we tell and the myths we weave inevitably echo the narrative underlying all of history: the story of humanity’s tragic sin and God’s triumphant salvation. This entertaining book connects the dots between the stories we tell and the one great Story—helping us better understand the longings of the human heart and thoughtfully engage with the movies and TV shows that capture our imaginations.
A commentary on the book of Acts designed for the serious student as well as the growing Christian.

Can't get enough? Here are even more resources recommended by New Hope staff for you to check out.

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The Faith Once for All by Jack Cottrell


Down in the River to Pray by John Mark Hicks and Greg Taylor


Baptism: The Believers Wedding Ceremony by F. Lagard Smith


A Baptism Worth Talking About by Jim McGuiggan


Understanding Four Views on Baptism (Section 4 by John Castelein)