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What We Believe - About Heaven and Hell

What will heaven be like? Is it really like we see in the movies? Check out these resources if you'd like to know more about heaven as truly described in the Bible. This week's resources are recommended by David Bourne.

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Joe and Lee use the Bible to answer the most common questions (and some uncommon ones as well) such as:

-Will we turn to angels in Heaven?

-Will we have some kind of body or be a spirit only?

-What does the Bible mean when it says we will have a "New Earth"?

-Where is Heaven?

-Will animals and pets be there?

-Will we recognize our family members, friends and others?

McKnight helps you examine God’s Word in order to discover what awaits you on the other side of the grave and find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding heaven, including:

1. What about Near Death Experiences?
2. What about Rewards in Heaven?
3. Who Will Be in Heaven?
4. Is God Fair?
5. Will There Be Families in Heaven?
6. What about Children Who Die?
7. What about Cremation?
8. What about Purgatory?
9. Will There Be Pets in Heaven?
10. Why Believe in Heaven?

The word Hell conjures up all kinds of nightmares in people's minds. But also presents a difficulty for many Christians. How can a God who the Bible says literally "is love" condemn anyone to an eternity of torment? Will punishment be eternal? Is Hell for real?


In this short, accessible book, pastor and author Erik Raymond reviews this important subject for everyone with pastoral warmth and biblical clarity.


What We Believe - About Satan

Who is Satan and what does he do? Where did he come from? David Bourne has recommended the following resources for learning more about this week's topic.

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When Jesus walked the earth, he cast out demons and had powerful encounters with the devil. But who exactly is the devil, and where did he come from? And what is he up to in the world today? This short, readable book explains clearly and simply what we can say with certainty from the Bible and Satan, demons and evil spirits. Suitable for all Christians - especially those who are struggling with questions about Satan.
David Powlison brings biblical realism to the often sensationalized subject of demonic deliverance. He gives clear, balance, biblical and insightful help on spiritual warfare.