Sunday Classes


At New Hope we believe Christian education is important for the development of a biblical world view. For this reason, we offer a variety of classes on Sunday mornings for you to participate in as you seek to enhance your understanding of God and His Word.

Take a look at the class selection below and plan to join us!


Classes offered at 9:30 AM

Class Name
The Gospel of Luke Room 105

Faith, Doubt, & Cultural Relevancy:

How a Christian can address the challenges of our culture

Room 102
The Book of Genesis Room 103
1 & 2 Timothy Room 104

Love & Respect:

Discover the single greatest secret to a successful marriage

Room 101


New classes will meet from November 5 - December 17 at 9:30am as follows: 

Class Name
Parental Guidance Required Room 101
Christmas for the Skeptical & Cynical Room 102
Genesis Room 103
II Timothy Room 104
Deuteronomy Room 105