Grace Marriage

Grace Marriage assists the local church by facilitating marriage coaching to renew marriages through the transforming power and grace of Jesus. Register for the next two sessions below!

Wellness is the effective path to winning the war for marriage. If couples work on their marriage before a crisis occurs, the effectiveness of that intentional investment is much greater. It is much easier to take a stable marriage and make it great than to take a crisis marriage and make it stable.
Interested participants can still sign up for the remaining sessions August 10th and November 2nd. Each session will go from 8:30am to 2:45pm. Please note that there will be no childcare provided for Grace Marriage. 
Session Price Breakdown:
  • Session #1-4: $200
  • Session #2-4: $150
  • Session #3-4: $100
  • Session #4: $50

If you are interested in registering for sessions #3-4 please do so by Wednesday, August 7. Questions? Please contact Michelle Stafford at



In addition to Grace Marriage, New Hope offers the following resources:

Marriage Counseling

New Hope seeks to engage all levels of marriage in grace-based marriage coaching where each couple takes a big picture look at the family and makes a proactive effort to protect and grow the marriage.  In addition to marriage coaching,  marriage counseling facilitated by New Hope staff is available. Please contact the church office for more information.

Pastoral Counseling

For those seeking assistance in overcoming the challenges of life, professional biblical counseling can meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the Church in the pursuit of healing, recovery, and growth. Please contact the church office for more information regarding New Hope's partnership with Northern Lights Christian Counseling.